Entombed, Clandestine

60% of Entombed are back together!

Decibel Magazine broke the news a couple weeks ago that the mighty ENTOMBED is back in action with 3 original members: Guitarists Alex Hellid & Ulf Cedarlund and drummer/writer/driving force/sometimes secret vocalist Nicke Andersson! Plans on the table at the moment are Close-Up Magazine’s Båten cruise in late October and a performance of Entombed’s 1991 classic Clandestine with the Malmö Symphony Orchestra on November 12.

Exclusive Crackpot Theory Based on Nothing: Considering that Nicke is a multi-instrumentalist who wrote much – and sang all – of Clandestine, and has gone on to great success fronting the Hellacopters, Nicke will front the new Entombed as a singing bassist, with a substitute on drums.

Until then, check out Decibel’s exclusive interview w/ Uffe Cedarlund while you chew on some of that orchestral Entombed: