Disincarnate’s “Soul Erosion” Demo

Disincarnate’s “Dreams of the Carrion Kind” didn’t make much of a splash with me when it was released at the end of winter in 1993. James Murphy was a household name in death metal but for some reason, I (and apparently a lot of other people) didn’t hear what Murphy was trying to tell us with those 9 tortured hymns. I kept going back to the album every year or two and while I held my original opinion for a long time, every time I listened to it, I liked it a little more. A few years ago, it finally clicked for me and I now regard “Dreams of the Carrion Kind” as one of the finer death metal albums. It was reissued in 2007 and now seems to be fairly well-known and widely revered.

What’s less known is that “Dreams…” wasn’t the first thing Disincarnate did. Their “Soul Erosion” demo was recorded in 1992 and that release’s version of “Stench of Paradise Burning” appeared on Roadrunner’s “At Death’s Door II” compilation (which kills and will be posted about sooner than later).

Three songs appear on “Soul Erosion”:

  1. Stench of Paradise Burning
  2. Soul Erosion
  3. Confine of Shadows (Demo) (mp3)

The production is obviously several steps below the incredible treatment the album got, but the demo is still worth listening to for it’s raw performances and bass & vocal heavy mix. I remember being very excited about Disincarnate based on the “Stench…” track on the compilation but disappointed in the album, which felt too sterile and clean. In hindsight, they’re both great and worth listening it. Repeatedly for years, if necessary.

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