Entombed: Crawl EP

Entombed: Crawl EP
Entombed: Crawl EP

Just three songs here, and the only three Entombed songs with Orvar Säfström (Nirvana 2002, an early death metal band on par with Nihilist) on vocals.  Lars Petrov wasn’t around, so Orvar stepped in to record a teaser for the upcoming Clandestine album, which listed Johnny Dordevic as the singer but in reality all the songs were sung by Nicke Anderson.  Confused yet?  Welcome to the revolving door of Entombed’s vocalists.

So yeah, a teaser with one song off the previous release Left Hand Path (“Bitter Loss”) one song from the upcoming album (“Crawl”), and one song (“Forsaken”) that was originally done for a compilation and had been the last thing L.G. Petrov sang with Entombed until his return on Wolverine Blues—but here obviously it’s with Orvar on vocals.  “Forsaken” is a real steam roller, and “Bitter Loss” does sound different than the Left Hand Path version, more underground, if that’s possible.

One of the cool things about this EP is that one time performance on vocals, though Orvar doesn’t sound that much different from L.G. or Nicke; these guys were all drinking the same death metal brew.  The new song “Crawl” is a step above the first album, more dynamic and therefore heavier.  The “Entombed” guitar tone is still gutsy, gritty and grinding, solos are relatively short and to the point.

Hard to believe it’s been twenty years since this was recorded.  These dudes (along with Dismember, Unleashed, etc.) lit a fire which has yet to burn out.  I wonder how many BROOTAL PIT BOYZ are aware of what Entombed was doing back in the late 1980’s, when Jesus turned the dinosaurs into oil to save America.  If I smack my head hard enough I can remember ripping the cellophane off this cassette and playing it in my car.  At that moment I thought there could be no heavier.  I was wrong, but “Crawl” is still a crushing blow.

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