Idea. *best said in the voice Simon Pegg used in Hot Fuzz*

While searching for Inspiration and something to kill the time while waiting for my Irene-induced blackout to end I fired up the mp3 player and put on Malevolent Creation’s The Ten Commandments. I then realized this is one of those older albums I don’t really listen to for reasons I don’t understand. Probably one of those things where I just lack the time or I’m not in that particular mood. So now I will be going through the music I have at my disposal and look for older records that I don’t really listen to and see if my ignoring them is justified or foolish on my part. I call it Exhuming the Forgotten, even though most of the time I’ll probably be the only one who forgot the album in question. I’ll have one for The Ten Commandments up soon.

P.S. When I said I was searching for Inspiration that’s the name of my pet redhead that I keep in the closet. If you find her drop me a line, redheads are hard to find.