Mercyless tease new album

Mercyless, "Pathetic Divinity" (2016)
Mercyless, “Pathetic Divinity” — Out October 7, 2016 on Kaotoxin Records

France’s MERCYLESS don’t get a lot of love, but that’s only because they had a short window of awesomeness before shooting themselves in the foot with an ill-advised genre shift. In that short window of good times however, they released 3 demos and 2 back-to-back albums of unpredictable, pummeling, semi-technical death metal — Abject Offerings (1992) and Coloured Funeral (1993) — which cemented their reputation as the real deal.
At least it did until the band pivoted to a vastly inferior semi-industrial “groove metal” style and released C.O.L.D. (1996) and Sure to Be Pure (2000). Some time after that, they threw in the towel completely.

Fast-forward a decade and guitarist Stéphane Viard guitarist / vocalist Max Otero reunited, got back to business and delivered 2013’s comeback album, Unholy Black Splendor.

Fast-forward to now and Viard is out, new guy Gautier Merklen is in and Mercyless are back with a new album, Pathetic Divinity on Kaotoxin Records. Here’s the press release:

French death metal veterans MERCYLESS have now revealed further details about their sixth studio full-length album. Due on October 7, “Pathetic Divinity” will mark the band’s 30th anniversary celebrations, which started in June and will last through the end of 2016 and all of 2017.

Produced by Philippe Reinhalter at the Psykron Studio (PUTRID OFFAL, DIVISION ALPHA) and mastered by Frédéric Motte at the Conkrete Studio (ANATA, OTARGOS, PUTRID OFFAL), “Pathetic Divinity” will be made available on various formats (CD, vinyl, cassette) via Kaotoxin Records.

Pre-orders will start on August 29.


  1. Blood of Lambs
  2. Pathetic Divinity
  3. A Representation of Darkness
  4. My Name Is Legion
  5. Exhort the Heretic
  6. Left to Rot
  7. Eucharistic Adoration
  8. Christianist
  9. How Deep Is Your Hate?
  10. Liturgiæ
  11. Bless Me Father (2015 version)*
  12. Probably Impure (2015 version) *
  13. Eucharistic Adoration (2015 version)*

*Bonus Tracks

Worth mentioning is that Mercyless released a free single in June. The tune is called “Altered Divination” and comes backed by live version of “Substance of Purity” from Abject Offering, possibly taken from their live album, Live Offerings (2015), which saw an extremely limited release in Europe). You can also snag Abject Offerings (a classic) and that live album!