More details about the new Cancer album


More details on the new CANCER album, Shadow Gripped.

The big news for me is it was produced by SIMON EFEMY (Foel Studios). Simon also produced and engineered Cancer’s Sins of Mankind (1993) and Black Vanity (1995), as well as all of PARADISE LOST’s classics, CROWBAR’s Broken Glass, NAPALM DEATH’s comeback albums and many more. His involvement bodes well for a big, clean production.

Also learned that Anders Nyström of BLOODBATH put in a guest appearance.


  • Black vinyl
  • Red vinyl
  • CD



  1. Down the Steps
  2. Garrotte
  3. Ballcutter
  4. Organ Snatcher
  5. The Infocidal


  1. Half Man, Half Beast
  2. Crimes So Vile
  3. Thou Shalt Kill
  4. Shadow Gripped
  5. Disposer

It’s not out until February 11, 2019 but BURNING SHED is taking preorders. All orders through Burning Shed come with an exclusive bonus digital track (mp3) from the release date which will be available on the account page.

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