Ola Lindgren remixes Derketa

Got this email from DERKETA today:

Thank you for checking us out on Bandcamp! I wanted to let you all know that I have updated our Bandcamp site with our remixed version of the In Death We Meet album. If you are not aware, we had the album remixed by Ola Lindgren from the band GRAVE. For those who have already downloaded the original version, you are able to download this version for free in addition to the bonus tracks that are included on the remixed CD. The bonus tracks are from a limited 300-copy 7” release in 2014: “Darkness Fades Life” and a cover of SEPULTURA’s “Troops of Doom” off of Morbid Visions.

For those that already bought the album on Bandcamp, re-download it from your Collection and you’ll get the remixed album and bonus tracks for free.

If you haven’t bought the record, you’re missing out:

“Pittsburgh’s largely unsung goddesses of death returned after a long hiatus to release their first proper full-length – a full 24 years after their inception – and luckily for us, it’s fucking MASSIVE. This is raw, primitive with a bit of polish, and above all, ungodly heavy death/doom from a cadre of ladies who were cracking skulls and tuning low while most of us were still in diapers.” ~Kim Kelly


Get on it!

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Oh, and Derketa’s also playing a slew of shows in Chicago in the coming weeks. Maybe they’ve relocated?