Playlist Notes, Friday August 3, 2018

Not much new OSDM out on the streaming services this week, but what is is good. Press play and read below.


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The New Shit

DRAWN AND QUARTERED have a new album called The One Who Lurks (Krucyator Productions). Raw and bowel-ish, firmly of the Incantation school of grime. Good stuff and it’s name-your-price on Bandcamp.

Hammerheart’s working on reissues of MALEVOLENT CREATION‘s catalog and their deluxe version of The Ten Commandments dropped today. This is how you do a reissue: Terrific remastering + definitive versions of demos leading up to the recording. If you can hold your nose over stuff like this and stuff like this, it sounds absolutely terrific.

ATROCITY came out of nowhere with a killer followup to 2013’s Okkult and while there’s a bit goth in the choirs and bombastic bits, it’s a death metal record overall, and an aggressive one at that. I don’t think Alex Krull (vox) has ever sounded quite this good, to be honest. This week, we swapped in “Devil’s Covenant” featuring LG Petrov which one of the more melodic tracks, but it’s nice to hear Petrov and Krull ganging up.

KRISIUN dropped a 2nd track from their upcoming album, Scourge of the Enthroned called “Devouring Faith.” It’s a bit more inventive than the “Demonic III” so we swapped it in.

Last but not least, we’re adding “Crawl” from ENTOMBED’s 1991 Crawl EP because Earache released it on Bandcamp today.On first listen, I’d have sworn it was just the Clandestine mix with an intro and a different singer, but it’s much, much beefier. This version is taken from the Entombed: The Singles Collection because that’s what’s on the streaming services, but it’s the same track.

Everything else was on there last week. Cheers!

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