Playlist Notes, Friday July 26, 2018

Been a bit of a dry year for OSDM but summer’s finally hot and everything’s turning up deliciously rotten. Press play and read below.


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The New Shit

DRAWN AND QUARTERED have a new album called “The One Who Lurks” (Krucyator Productions) and ATROCITY came out of nowhere with a killer followup to 2013’s Okkult and while there’s a bit goth in the choirs and bombastic bits, it’s a death metal record overall, and an aggressive one at that. I don’t think Alex Krull (vox) has ever sounded quite this good, to be honest.

The CORONER reissues are out and Andy Pearce killed it with the remastering: DR9 or better for both Mental Vortex and Grin. They sound fantastic and going back to the originals, it’s amazing how muffled they sound in comparison. And at only $9.99 on Amazon, needless to say that these come highly recommended. Interestingly, only Mental Vortex and Grin are being put out by Noise Records. The first three albums are being released by Century Media and only available in the States as an import (and at import prices).

Chris Barnes & co. released a surprisingly entertaining compilation of leftovers from SIX FEET UNDER’s Undead & Unborn sessions and JUNGLE ROT deliver the goods on their new release (dig that cover art).

Finally, check out the pre-release tracks from DEICIDE, KRISIUN, MONSTROSITY (their first in 11 years), CONVULSE (those keyboards are a trip) and SIEGE OF POWER feat. Chris Reifert (Autopsy) and Bob Bagchus (ex-Asphyx).

The Old Shit

I passed on a fresh vinyl pressing of BRUTALITY’s sophomore effort at Encore Records (Austin) because $40 was a bit rich for my blood, but listening to the album now I’m not so sure I made the right call.

INFESTER is a new find for me. Dank and simple with a touch of keyboards for atmosphere. 1994 wasn’t all bad, it seems.

CADAVER became CADAVER, INC. then reformed and reverted to CADAVER a few years. Apparently Dirk Verbueren is drumming for them now. This is from their 1992 release, “…in Pains” and it’s tasty stuff. Very tight and clean, very European.

ASPHYX need no introduction, but I put this on because it’s from a 2007 reissue of their classic debut, The Rack and apparently it was remixed as well as remastered. They stuck pretty close to the original, but it’s interesting if you’re as big a fan of that album as I am.

Rounding out the bottom of the hour we have a quick bit of MORTICIAN (mostly for that intro) and wrap things up with Czech Republic’s mighty KRABATHOR and a tune from their 1995 release, Lies. The version on the streaming services is a reissue that also includes their 1995 EP, The Rise of Brutality, so that’s a nice bonus.

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