The Sickening Vaults Archive — For Artists & Labels

First and foremost: the SV Archive is a not a file-sharing site.

For Artists

Why is my band’s demo on this site?

Because it met our criteria for inclusion (see FAQ).

What are you doing with my music?

Preserving it permanently to torment future generations.

We don’t want you selling our stuff.

We’re not, promise. We’re an archive, not a bunch of jerks.

We don’t want you sharing our stuff.

We’re not, promise. We’re an archive, not a file-sharing site.

You can let people download our stuff, bro!

Really? Awesome! Email jasoncmuxlow[at]gmail[dot]com to let us know.

Can I get my band’s demos in there?

Absolutely! Email jasoncmuxlow[at]gmail[dot]com to work out the details.

For Labels

I’m a label that reissued some demos that you’re listing.

Commercial reissues of demos are going to be the best copies in existence, so those are the ones we’re preserving. That said, we will never allow downloads of demos sourced from commercial releases.

We’re releasing a collection of demos. Would you like a copy for the archives?

Absolutely! Email jasoncmuxlow[at]gmail[dot]com to work out the details.