Playlist Notes, Friday Nov 30, 2018

The Playlists

Pick your poison and don’t forget to add it to your library. We update the playlist as new stuff comes out.

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What’s New

Sad news this week about the passing of Erik Lindmark, founder of DEEDS OF FLESH and Unique Leader Records. We’re going to open and close procedings with some old and recent Deeds of Flesh and fill in the middle with some great underground stuff that just came out. RIP Erik and all our best to both the Deeds and ULR families.

  1. DEEDS OF FLESH, “Paths of the Weakening” — This is classic Deeds and it was Unique Leader’s first release, ULE-001, all the way back in 1999. Talk about starting off on the right foot.
  2. A CANOROUS QUINTET, “Embryo of Lies” — If you’ve never heard ACQ, imagine a Gothenburg band that sits somewhere between old AT THE GATES and old DARK TRANQUILLITY. This tracks is from Only Pure Hate MMXVIII, which is a re-recording of their classic Only Pure Hate (1998, No Fashion Records). Out now as an independent release.
  3. CORPSEFUCKING ART, “Splatterphobia” — This is some thick and grisly stuff. Sounds like being beaten with your own severed limb. Out now on Comatose Music.
  4. LIVIDITY, “Perverseverance” (Pre-Release) — Illinois’ perverts of brutality are back with their first full-length since 2009’s To Desecrate and Defile. Simple and gross. Nice bass tone. Out now on Metal Age Music.
  5. ROTTENNESS, “Altered Cabron” — This is a 3-way split with COATHANGER ABORTION and SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER, but only ROTTENNESS meets the SV criteria for coverage so they’re representing. Raw, sloppy and out now on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.
  6. CANCER, “Down the Steps” — Opening track to the new album, Shadow Gripped. This has a bit of the experimental feel they were doing on the last album but done much better. Never let anyone behind you when you’re going downstairs. Out now on Peaceville.
  7. OBSCENITY, “Invocation Obscure” — Another pre-release track from their upcoming Summoning the Circle LP. That guitar tone is thick. Out next week on Apostasy Records.
  8. DEEDS OF FLESH, “Portals to Canaan” — Title track to the last (and final?) Deeds of Flesh album, Portals to Canaan (Unique Leader Records).

Order Up

If you’re paying attention and wonder why the Deeds of Flesh albums aren’t in this list, it’s because they’re out of print and Amazon sellers have them set for stupid prices. Seek them out on Discogs.