Playlist Notes, Friday August 31, 2018

The Playlists

Pick your poison and don’t forget to add it to your library. I’ll keep updating the same playlist as new stuff comes out.

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What’s New

I didn’t make any updates to the playlist the last couple weeks because nothing new was out. Today is quite a different story:

  1. UNLEASHED, “Lead Us Into War” — Holy smokes. I was a bit iffy on the last album (the music was great but the concept lyrics just didn’t sit well for me), but this first track from The Hunt for White Christ is a ripper. Game on, Unleashed…game on. More on the release here.
  2. ENTOMBED A.D., “Fit for a King” — LG & co. have a new single out. Not sure if this is attached to a new album, but it’s been two years since they released Dead Dawn so they’re about due for one.
  3. ABORTED, “Vespertine Decay” — Third pre-release track from their upcoming splatter (ha! wordplay), TerrorVision, due out September 21st on Century Media.
  4. OPPROBRIUM, “The Battle of Armageddon” — This is taken from their Supernatural Death compilation that came out in 2012 but has been remastered and released in digipack format. Out today!
  5. DEICIDE, “Defying the Sacred” — Third pre-release track from their upcoming Overtures of Blasphemy album, due out September 14th on Century Media and all signs still point toward this being one of their best. Also noticed today that it’s 12 songs in 38 minutes, so they are keeping it tight.
  6. KRISIUN, “A Thousand Graves” — Third pre-release track from their upcoming Scourge of the Enthroned album, due out September 7th on Century Media. Dizzying and brutal.
  7. MONSTROSITY, “Radiated” — Third pre-release track from their upcoming The Passage of Eternity album, due out September 7th on Metal Blade. I don’t think of Monstrosity as a “technical” band but this has some intricate stuff going on.
  8. SIEGE OF POWER, “Violence in the Air” — Bagchus, Riefert and co. release another track from their upcoming Warning Blast, due out September 7th on Metal Blade.
  9. VOIVOD, “Always Moving” — Second pre-release track from The Wake, due out September 21 on Century Media. This is really trippy. They just keep getting weirder.

Everything else was on there last time. Cheers!

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