“Death…is Just the Beginning” returns

Nuclear Blast are reviving their old Death …is Just the Beginning death metal compilation series and for anyone old to remember geeking out over the first few installments of this series (before they turned it into video compilations and started putting power metal bands on it) or Roadrunner’s similar At Death’s Door series, it looks like they may be doing it right.

Right off the bat, the cover art is solidly in line with the early entries. It’s a painting in a single dominant color with a cross and a graveyard and a church and a spooky monk…check, check, check. Not sure who the artist is, but the style is appropriately Wåhlin-esque. And they got the logo & typography right. So far, so good.

But the best thing about the early comps were the slightly offbeat track selections. They didn’t always just pull a track from the album; they would often use a remix or an alternate mix, an unreleased track or sometimes a demo from an upcoming release. For the revival, we’re getting the following:

  1. Benediction – Tear Off These Fucking Wings (demo)
  2. Kataklysm – The Awakener (re-recorded)
  3. Hypocrisy – They Lie (The Exploited cover)
  4. The Spirit – Illuminate The Night Sky
  5. Memoriam – The War Rages On (demo)
  6. Insidious Disease – Soul Excavation
  7. Possessed – Abandoned (demo)
  8. Thy Art Is Murder – The Son Of Misery
  9. Immolation – Morbid Visions (featuring Max Cavalera) (Sepultura cover)
  10. Nailed To Obscurity – King Delusion
  11. Bleeding Gods – Beloved By Artemis
  12. Decapitated – Sane (Meshuggah cover)
  13. Aenimus – Before The Eons
  14. Paradise Lost – Frozen Illusion
  15. Carcass – A Wraith In The Apparatus
  16. Brujeria – Viva Presidente Trump!

A couple clunkers and a few bands I haven’t heard of, but overall this is pretty dead on.

The release is out September 10, 2018 on the following formats:

  • Boxset — Atomic green 2xLP in a gatefold sleeve with CD, patch, and poster. Limited to 500 copies worldwide.
  • Green & black splatter 2xLP in a gatefold sleeve. Limited to 200 copies.
  • Green & red splatter 2xLP . in a gatefold sleeve.
  • Black 2xLP in a gatefold sleeve.
  • Jewelcase CD
  • Cassette

There’ll be a tshirt and longsleeve as well.

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